How to Put LinkedIn to Work for Your Crypto and NFT Business    

LinkedIn is no doubt an incredible platform. When we talk about social media for professionals, definitely LinkedIn is the best resource. It’s linked up with folks, you can make friends for business ideas, who turned into your business partners and future colleagues. Beyond the crystal-clear use for building relationships, successful marketing leads, and connections, LinkedIn also presents an opportunity to utilize the money in the heap of social data available publicly. 

This extends to the domain of Cryptocurrency and how a successful professional uses this platform to work in the crypto business.

Plan your Objective

Your objective explains your LinkedIn Crypto marketing strategy. First work out what you want, then make a strategy for how you will achieve it.

Ask yourself:

What are you expecting LinkedIn to do for your Crypto business? 

Do you want to make a professional image for branding? 

Are you expecting to widen your crypto network? 

Do you want to expand your staff, or do you want newly qualified personnel?

Knowledge Discovery

With LinkedIn growing your audience, you will need a different approach for your crypto business. So that you should take advantage and establish a presence. For this purpose, you need to learn the basic knowledge that includes:

  • Exposure to the basic history, terminology, and insights
  • Informative Content about cryptocurrency, infographics, and outside links to learning sites
  • Daily news updates regarding Crypto and blockchain worldwide
  • Also, have a look at the impact of cryptocurrency on the society 
  • Explore more about learning courses on LinkedIn about cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Building Community Networks

  • Discover the influencers of the Crypto community. Also, follow them so you see their content is to your news feed.
  • Find & join LinkedIn Groups, these groups are a massive resource of communication and exchanging ideas. That’s why don’t ignore their power.
  • Find worldwide Peers and network with them.
  • Find out about Events and conferences — Photos, Takeaways, and summaries.
  • Find your local peers and meetups.
  • Participate and contribute to platform discussions

Legal Issues and Public Opinions

You should be aware of various latest Legal positions of jurisdictions and also the thought process that may go in ‘for’ & ‘against’ the arguments. Accordingly, crypto transactions offer greater privacy than traditional platforms. This advantage holds a jurisdictional challenge.

First, the crypto transaction of different jurisdictions may be subject to conflict of legal frameworks.

Second, the cryptocurrency software of the “residence country” is hard to determine. Hence, you should collect all the information regarding legal issues;

  • Financial fraud and data theft
  • Privacy concerns
  • Tax implications
  • Money laundering
  • Intellectual property
  • Business licensing and registration
  • Regulatory and legal concerns of investors

Furthermore, keep you aware of public sentiments and opinions across the world. This social platform can drive behaviors. LinkedIn can be also useful for future crypto mining as daily dozens of articles about cryptocurrency are published. 

Crypto-Focused Articles on LinkedIn

Here are some crypto-focused articles, that are worth following on LinkedIn:

Some other legacy media publishers, they post their news articles often about these technologies are:

  • CNBC
  • Forbes
  • Bloomberg

Usually, these articles report on current affairs worldwide. However, in the usual reporting, you will find occasional captivating long reads, infographics, & references to relevant events of historical significance. If you have time then search with dedicated study rather than only browsing. Also, check out related pages of websites that are on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. 

LinkedIn Learning

This site also offers learning courses, where you can learn any specific course of your interest.  Explore LinkedIn Learning for relevant courses. There are more than 62 results displayed on LinkedIn Learning for ‘Blockchain’. Despite the professionals, it’s also provided beginners courses as well. There are also some settings on LinkedIn, these settings let you notify recruiters and all new courses for searching.

Moreover, LinkedIn Premium adds multiple additional features, such as development classes and online professionals. With these courses, you can enhance your skills to grow your crypto business worldwide.

LinkedIn Marketing for Crypto

LinkedIn has approximately 722 million members worldwide. According to Statista reports the percentage of U.S. adults who use LinkedIn is 27%. Moreover, Digital Trust Report found that in the last three years LinkedIn is the most reliable and trustworthy platform.

Therefore, LinkedIn marketing can also help in crypto marketing to cultivate more leads. Recent reports show that 80% of business-to-business leads come directly from LinkedIn. Also, LinkedIn drives social media of 46% of traffic to their websites.

Therefore, the ranking is truly based on ratings of:

  • Security
  • Community
  • Legitimacy
  • Relevancy
  • Shareability
  • Experience

The plus point is users are more attracted to the advertisements of their trustworthy platforms. Therefore, create a thorough marketing strategy on LinkedIn for your crypto business to grow and capitalize on the platform.

LinkedIn Crypto Groups 

Finding your target audience is an important part of business practice. LinkedIn groups help to find people and professionals in your crypto industry with common goals. They can be a considerable way to connect with folks of the same location or demographic. Hence, be an active group member, and start your crypto group. You can also make a separate group for professionals or those who have a particular crypto job title. Personal LinkedIn pages are also an essential source of traffic for the crypto LinkedIn page. The more people added to your group, the more interest, and traffic you’ll cultivate to grow your business.


LinkedIn helps folks to stay connected in your network but make sure to keep your tabs on customers or leads. If you are marketing a hard sell mentality on LinkedIn is not much effective. That’s why Focus on making relationships and building trust by strengthening connections.

LinkedIn is the most reliable and trusted platform that provides you with a more responsive audience. Therefore, for your Cryptocurrency business, you should learn to use LinkedIn to establish and grow your business. Always create a specific crypto marketing strategy on LinkedIn that differs from others and focuses on targeting content and providing value to a particular audience. Furthermore, take full advantage of crypto LinkedIn marketing solutions by utilizing the provided LinkedIn tools.

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